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Top 10 Best Summer Shih Tzu Haircuts: Cuteness Guaranteed!

Best Summer Shih Tzu Haircuts - MySweetShihTzu

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Choosing the best summer shih tzu haircuts for your beloved shih tzu can be a fun and exciting experience. From playful puppy cuts to stylish summer trims, there’s a haircut out there that perfectly suits your pup’s personality and your preferences. This guide explores the top 10 popular  summer haircut styles, covering Shih Tzu puppy cuts, maintenance needs, and suitability for different situations. Let’s imagine this situation, and let us know if you really do that with your charming pup.

Sense a pattern? It can be funny to try to figure out the best Shih Tzu dog haircuts, but with so many choices, it can also feel like picking your favorite ice cream taste on a very hot day!

Do you think your Shih Tzu looks like a teddy bear, has regal hair, or is something completely different? Let’s look at some of the coolest Shih Tzu dog haircuts to help you choose the best one for your dog.

Here are the Top 10 Shih Tzu summer haircut styles

1- Shih Tzu Puppy Cuts: Playful and Easy-Breezy!

Ever wanted your Shih Tzu to look like a playful puppy forever? Then the Puppy Cut is for you! Imagine your furry friend with short, soft fur all over, except for fluffy tufts on their head and little leg warmers. Super cute, right?

Here’s the scoop on Puppy Cuts:

Shih Tzu Puppy Cut - MySweetShihTzu

Good stuff:

Easy to take care of: busy day? No problem! This cut barely needs brushing to stay neat, and can be done at home, Shih Tzu puppy Cuts.

It looks like a playful pup. Always ready for fun and games with this youthful and energetic style.

Perfect for summer: Short fur means your Shih Tzu stays cool and comfy even on the hottest days, making it one of the best Shih Tzu summer haircut styles.

Things to remember:

Brushy time: Even though it’s low maintenance, regular brushing prevents matting.

Works for everyone: male, female, young, old—this cut suits all Shih Tzus!

Want your female shih tzu haircuts to be extra adorable? Add some cute bows or ribbons to her head tuft for a girly touch! For boys, maybe a bandana around their neck for a sporty vibe.

Or do you want your male Shih Tzu to be extra adorable? The Shih Tzu Puppy Cut keeps your friend looking and feeling their best.

2- Teddy bear haircut for Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Cutting - MySweetShihTzu

Is it time to make your Shih Tzu even cuter? The teddy bear cut for Shih Tzu is a popular haircut that will transform your dog into a real-life cuddle buddy. Imagine that your Shih Tzu has fur that is so smooth and soft, resembling a teddy bear, that it makes you want to squish them all day (but please be gentle!). The Teddy Bear haircut is not only adorable but also practical, keeping your furry friend comfortable and stylish.
The teddy bear shih tzu haircut face is a popular hairstyle for shih tzus that gives them an adorable and fluffy appearance. This style involves cutting the hair on the face short while keeping the ears and head hair slightly longer, creating a resemblance to a teddy bear.

Why is it so cool?

This haircut makes your Shih Tzu look so cute that it’s impossible not to want to hug them. The even trim all over shows off their playful, happy personality.

The Teddy Bear Cut is easier to take care of than long, flowy styles because it needs to be groomed less often. So there will be more cuddles and fun and less brushing!

It fits any dog, whether it’s a rambunctious boy or a sassy girl. Male Shih Tzu haircuts and Shih Tzu haircuts for female, who love to spread joy.

Not yet; there’s more!

The Teddy Bear Face cut usually has a special face trim with round cheeks and fluffy bangs that make your Shih Tzu’s cute face stand out even more.

Many Choices: Want to add a bow or a scarf to make it more unique? Attempt it! This cut is great for adding cute accessories to your animal friend.

Are you ready to turn your Shih Tzu into a real bear? Take this picture to your cleaner and show it to them! Always keep in mind that this cut looks best on Shih Tzus because their fur is naturally thick and holds its shape.

3- A long-ear puppy cut

Are you remembering the teddy bear style that makes your Shih Tzu look like a soft friend? To some extent, the Long Ear Puppy Cut is the same thing, but it looks even more elegant!

That’s about how it sounds: a regular puppy cut with long, flowing hair on the ears. Imagine that your Shih Tzu’s hair was like silk curtains around their cute face!

How does it make you feel?

Gorgeous, and your dog will look like a princess (or prince, of course!).

Its long, pretty ear fur shines like the fluffiest clouds.☁

Take note of these things:

That’s because long hair gets tangled more easily, so you need to brush and style it more often.

The female Shih Tzus with healthy, long-ear fur will love this cut.

Would you both like this haircut for your Shih Tzu? Request the Long Ear Puppy Cut from your groomer. Your pet friend will look absolutely pawsome!

4- Striking paws can make your Shih Tzu look both fun and well-kept.

Make your Shih Tzu’s hair stylish and exciting.

To give your dog a cool “boots” or “pants” look, imagine that you cut his body short and neat but leave fun puffs of hair around his legs. Your Shih Tzu looks absolutely stunning! He or she could walk the runway or go to the dog park in style.

This is what makes it great:

Gorgeous and unique, this style will make your Shih Tzu stand out. Instinctively, it makes you smile.

Leave your paw pads out in the open! The cute little feet of your dog will show off in this style, making them even cuter.

Excellent for busy dogs: Why doesn’t looking good serve a purpose? Because the fur on your Shih Tzu is shorter, it has more room to move around, which is great for all of its activities and zoomies.

Keep these things in mind:

Time for trimming: The hair needs to be cut often to keep its “boots” shape, so get ready for trips to the groomer or learning how to do it yourself.

If you’d rather cuddle up on the couch with your Shih Tzu than play fetch, this style might not be appropriate for them. Your leg hair can get twisted very quickly if you don’t move it.

“Striking Paws” for your Shih Tzu?

If you like fashion and have a busy dog, this look is superb for you. This style might not be the best choice if you want something simple and clean. But “Striking Paws” might be the best match for your Shih Tzu if you want to show off its style.

5- Loin Cut: Cutting Your Shih Tzu Like a Lion

Have you ever wished that your Shih Tzu would have a mane like a tiny lion? Then the lion cut might be the best style for you!

What does it look like?

Imagine that your Shih Tzu’s head and chest were covered in long, thick hair that flowed like a lion’s mane. But the rest of the body is cut short and neat. It’s a stunning look that will definitely get people’s attention!

Why pick it?

Looks royal: Let’s be honest, this cut makes you feel royal. People in the park (or town) will be talking about your Shih Tzu!

Feeling warm and cozy: The mane keeps your dog warmer and safer during the winter.

Remember, though, that not everyone can do it.

High maintenance: The hair has to be brushed all the time to keep it from sticking and tangling.  

Every couple of months, you should have professional grooming. Not a fan of regularly cleaning yourself?

6- What Are the Best Knots Cut for Your Shih Tzu?

Are you planning to give your Shih Tzu a fancy top knot? While the style is certainly cute, let’s look more closely at the specifics first. This guide will help you decide if a top knot is best for your pet friend.

What does a top knot do?

Picture your Shih Tzu’s hair on top of their head pulled back and tied in a cute little bun. It looks clean and contrasted when the fur on the rest of the body is shorter.

What’s Good (Pros):

Happy Eyes: Too much hair around the eyes can be annoying for your Shih Tzu. You can see clearly and easily through a top knot because it keeps their hair out of the way.

Smooth: Long hair tends to get tangled, especially near the face. A top knot keeps things neat, stops mats from forming, and keeps you and your dog from having to deal with the stress of detangling.

There’s no doubt that a top knot can make your dog look cute. It gives you a classy look and can be worn with cute bows or other items to boost your style.

The Bad Things (Cons):

High Maintenance: It takes work to keep that top knot looking good. To keep knots and strands from getting messy, you need to brush and re-tie the knot often.

Grooming Skills: It takes time to learn how to tie a top knot on your Shih Tzu so that it fits well. At first, you might need help from a skilled trimmer.

Not for Every Dog: Some Shih Tzus might find it stressful to have their hair pulled all the time in their faces. Think about what kind of dog you have and how comfortable he is with water before you jump in.

7- Who can rock the top knot?

The top knot is a good choice for:

You can keep your dog’s hair out of their eyes while they play by putting it in a top knot.

Eye Irritation Prone: A top knot gets rid of hair that could irritate the eyes of Shih Tzus that have them.

Furry Friends Who Are in Style: One fun way to show off your dog’s personality through hairstyles is to give it a top knot.

Don’t forget:

Comfort First: Your Shih Tzu’s comfort and health should always come first, no matter what haircut you choose.

Professional Help: If you want to learn the right way to groom your dog, you might want to get help from a professional groomer.

Unique Pup: Each Shih Tzu is unique, so look at their wants and traits before making a choice.

8. Summer Cut: How to Keep Your Shih Tzu Cool and Nice

Some dogs and cats, like Shih Tzus and other soft dogs, can have a bad summer. Do not worry, though, you wonderful pet owners! Your Shih Tzu will stay cool with the summer cut.

What does “summer cut” mean?

Imagine that your Shih Tzu’s hair is very short all over, like a small teddy bear whose hair has gone smooth. That’s the summer cut! It looks cool on dogs, but not on people!

Why get a haircut in the summer?

Without as much hair, your Shih Tzu will stay cool and cozy, even on the hottest days. Not when they sleep, play, or run in their fur coats. It won’t feel like they’re in the middle of the desert.

When your hair is short, it’s easier to brush and clear out, so you can do it faster. Yes, please have more fun and give hugs!

Instead, enjoy more hugs. It’s good for both of you if you give your pet a summer haircut because it will shed less.

But there’s more…

Before you rush to the groomer, here are some things to think about:

Remember that cute Shih-Tzu fur? With the summer cut, it’s gone. Your dog will still be cute, even if it doesn’t look the same.

Skin Safety: Dogs might need sunscreen to keep their ears and faces from getting too hot.

A summer cut might be good for your pet’s health and way of life. Talk to your vet about it.

Do you want to get a summer cut?

You can keep your Shih Tzu happy and cool this summer by giving them a summer cut. If they like to go on trips and hate the heat, this might be the best way to do it. But make sure it’s safe and good for your dog with your doctor.

9. Wonderful: Turning Female Shih Tzu Haircuts into Beauty!

Hate how your Shih Tzu always looks after the same haircut? Do you want to give your furry friend something girly and unique? There is nothing else to look for! Get ready for an exciting adventure as we explore the world of girls’ Shih Tzu haircuts with a twist.

Ribbons, pink bows, and fun takes on popular cuts are a few ideas. Not only are these haircuts stylish, but they also make a statement about your dog’s inner princess.

Yes, just picture how much fun it would be to take your Shih Tzu for a walk while people look at her cute, decorated hair. Your personal style will shine through, and your little girl’s beauty will be shown off.

We should think about the pros and cons first, though, before you get the scissors and bows.


Unique & Showstopping: Customized cuts that show off your dog’s attitude will help you stand out from the crowd.

Encourages self-assurance: Your Shih Tzu may walk (or waddle!) with more confidence if she feels spoiled and beautiful.

Fun Bonding Experience: Creatively choose styles and items that suit your tastes as a fun way to spend time together.


Maintenance: Taking the time to adjust and clean your Shih Tzu’s hair accessories can be a bonding experience. Embrace the challenge of intricate cuts as an opportunity to showcase your creativity and unique style.

Professional Help Might Be Needed: Sometimes, you need professional help. For example, a trained groomer might be better able to make some cuts that are very complicated.

Do not forget that these haircuts are great for Shih Tzu owners who want to show their dog’s beauty and have fun making it their own. On the other hand, a classic cut might be better for your Shih Tzu if it is more of a girl or doesn’t like to be bothered.

You and your dog will both be happy with the best haircut. To start, look at your choices, think about the pros and cons, and then let your inner style shine. Guys can get really cool haircuts too if you have a Shih Tzu.

10. Roughly express your male Shih Tzu’s adventure!

Are you thinking about getting your male Shih Tzu a haircut that shows how fun and active he is? The “Rugged Charm” style is the best choice! This part looks at different versions of popular cuts that have been changed to make them more manly. These are great for showing off your dog’s wild side.

Why Should You Pick Raw Charm?

It brings out your Shih Tzu’s fun side; let its inner traveler shine! The body fur is shorter in this style, but the topknot and beard are still long, giving the person a fun, busy look.

Choices: You can choose from different styles! Rough Charm offers different versions of popular cuts like the Teddy Bear and Puppy Cut. The hair lengths are a little shorter, and the face features are more defined, giving the dogs a more rough look

Things to think about:

Specific cutting methods: Some types of Rugged Charm may need specific trimming methods, so talk to your groomer about the style ahead of time. They can help you decide what the best method is and make sure that the cut fits your Shih Tzu’s unique features.

Why not Raw Charm?

For many male Shih Tzus, Rugged Charm is a great choice. Think about these things:

Not for all personalities: If your Shih Tzu is more calm or likes a more classy look, this style might not be the best fit for them. Choose a style like “Top Knot” or “Flowing Locks” for a more mature look.

Grooming frequency: If you can’t make regular trips to the groomer, a longer, easier-to-care-for haircut like the “Puppy Clip” might be a better choice.

Remember that there are a lot of different Shih Tzu haircuts for women. From the classy “Long and Flowing” style to the sweet “Topknot,” there’s a cut that will look great on your sweet girl. 

Check out our section on female Shih Tzu haircuts to find the perfect style for your little male & female Shih Tzus.

Happy Puppies and Pawsome Parents: How to Choose the Best Shih Tzu Haircut!

Finding the best haircut for your Shih Tzu? Please read this guide carefully if you love dogs. It will help you find the cutest and sometimes confusing Shih Tzu styles.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Cut:

Shih Tzu haircuts aren’t just for looks (though, let’s be honest, those dog cuts are cute!). In addition, it affects their health, happiness, and even their ability to speak out. For their happiness and health, picking the right cut is important.

Thoughts to Have Before the Clippers Take Off:

1. Lifestyle and activity:

Are you and your Shih Tzu more likely to be active in the park or relax on the couch? For better mobility, active dogs might do better with shorter cuts, while home cuddle monsters might look great with longer locks.

2. Your commitment and grooming skills:

Cleaning some hairstyles means brushing and shaping them often. Prior to selecting a high-maintenance cut, be honest with yourself about how well you can take care of your hair and how dedicated you are to the style.

3. Talk to a Grooming Professional:

Professional groomers are hair superheroes for your animal friend! Assess your Shih Tzu’s specific needs and suggest cuts that are best for their attitude and hair type.

4. Matching the Cut to the Face:

Although some Shih Tzus have round faces, others have longer noses. It is best for them to pick a cut that highlights their best features.

5. Getting happy is important!

Do not forget that picking a cut that makes you and your Shih Tzu happy is the most important thing. Talk about your choices with your groomer, look at pictures you like, and don’t be afraid to try new things until you find the right pairing.

FAQs Frequentky Asked Questions:

How short should the hair be for a summer haircut?

The hair should be trimmed to a length of around 1-2 inches for most summer haircuts.

Can I give my Shih Tzu a summer haircut myself?

Yes, it is possible to give your Shih Tzu a summer haircut yourself, but it is recommended to seek professional help if you are not experienced in grooming your dog.

How often should I brush my Shih Tzu’s hair after a summer haircut?

Even with shorter hair, it is still important to brush your Shih Tzu’s hair daily to prevent matting and tangling. Regular brushing also stimulates their skin and keeps it healthy.

How can I protect my Shih Tzu’s skin from the sun after a summer haircut?

Apply pet-safe sunscreen on their nose and other exposed areas. Even with a summer haircut, their skin can still get sunburned.

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