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Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon? Comprehensive Guide!

can shih tzu eat watermelon?

Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon? As watermelon is safe for both humans and dogs, let’s find out!

I’m going to answer some common questions about Shih Tzus and watermelons, and I’ll also talk about some possible pros and cons.

And finally, I’ll talk about some popular, safe ways to give watermelon to Shih Tzus. Keep reading…

Will Watermelon Hurt Dogs?

Watermelon is full of beneficial nutrients that are healthy for pets. These are potassium and vitamins A, B6, and C. For better digestion, it has a lot of fiber now. Will watermelon hurt dogs? The short answer is no. Here are some other beneficial nutrients:

The fiber in watermelon keeps the sugar from getting into the system too quickly, even though the fruit has sugar in it. An antioxidant called lycopene is found in it, and it may help keep you from getting cancer. Now you would ask, Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon? You’ll be answered below.

Fruits like watermelon are better for you than many store-bought treats because they are low in calories, salt, fat, and cholesterol. Fruits that are mostly water can help you stay hydrated, and they are especially nice on hot days.

Shih Tzus and people alike can enjoy watermelon, a delicious summer fruit. There are many vitamins and proteins in watermelon. Because it keeps skin and hair moist, it’s even used in beauty items like face masks and hair conditioners. It’s time for you to share the tasty food with your pet friend!

So, Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon?

can shih tzu eat watermelon?

Your question is: Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon? The answer is that even though he/she can get heat exhaustion, Shih Tzu can eat watermelon because it is mostly water and can help them stay hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion. Besides these, watermelon has a lot of calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, B6, and B1. Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon? without worrying about getting sick? Yes, it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are bad for dogs.

To keep your Shih Tzu healthy, watermelon is full of nutrients. Shih Tzu can eat watermelon, but wait for signs of stomach problems later.

Watermelon has only about 50 calories per cup and is mostly water, so it’s a great way for dogs to stay cool on hot days. You don’t have to feel bad about eating it because it’s low in belly fat and cholesterol.

Warning! Shih Tzu Can Eat Watermelon Considering These Things

If you give them too much fruit, it could make their stomachs upset, so only give it to them as a treat.

Watermelon shouldn’t be used instead of another food in your dog’s diet. They need the nutrients they get from good-quality dog food.

Before you feed your Shih Tzu, take out all the seeds. If small dogs eat them, they could get an intestine blockage.

Don’t give them the rind either, because it’s tough and could choke them or block their airways if they don’t chew it right.

Watermelon is safe and good for you, but there are a few things you should know. Shih Tzu can eat watermelon without a small chance that they will have a bad response, like an upset stomach because they are not used to it.

To see if they’re okay with it, it’s best to start by giving them small amounts and then slowly raise the amount.

But even if your dog likes watermelon, too much of it will make them sick, so only give it to them as a treat and in small amounts. It’s also important to stress that they shouldn’t eat watermelon instead of something else.

Your Shih Tzu should be getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy from the high-quality dog food you give it, so only give them watermelon as a treat.

It’s also important to say that the rind should not be fed alongside the seeds. Bigger dogs could process the seeds without any problems, but a small dog like a Shih Tzu could get an intestinal blockage.

It is not advisable to provide them with the rind due to its tough texture, which may obstruct their intestines or cause choking if not properly chewed.

Pros & Cons for Shih Tzu Eating Watermelon


Pawsitive PointsDelighted Dogs info
Hydration Hero: 92% water! Perfect for hot days and playful pups.Keeps your Shih Tzu cool, refreshed, and energized.
Vitamin Fiesta: Vitamins A, B6, and C for a healthy boost.Supports immunity, eyesight, and skin health.
Fiber Fantastic: Aids digestion and keeps things moving smoothly.It prevents constipation and promotes gut health.
Low-Cal Cool Down: Low in calories and fat, ideal for weight management.Guilt-free summer treat without packing on the pounds.
Frozen Fun: ❄️ Freeze chunks for a cool and refreshing chew toy.Beats the heat and provides entertainment in one.


Be careful with dog bitesShaking a Paw to Alert
Seed Scare: Seeds can cause blockages and digestive issues.Always remove seeds before serving.
Rind Rumble: ‍♀️ Rinds are tough to digest and can cause upset stomachs.Stick to the juicy flesh and avoid the green rind.
Sugar Rush: High sugar content can lead to weight gain and dental problems.Moderate portions are key, especially for smaller Shih Tzus.
Sensitive Stomach Woes: ⚠️ Some Shih Tzus have sensitive stomachs and may not tolerate watermelon.Start with small amounts and monitor for any reactions.
Messy Mayhem: Expect some juicy dribbles and sticky paws.Have cleaning supplies on hand for post-treat cleanup.

Shih Tzu Can Eat Watermelon Prepare Like This

Here are some steps you can take to make watermelon that Shih Tzus will enjoy:

  • To make it easy to eat, cut the watermelon into little chunks.
  • Take out the center of the seed.
  • Take the skin and seeds off of the watermelon and throw away the meat.
  • Add some sugar or another sweetener to the watermelon after cutting it up.
  • Put the pieces of watermelon in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  • Put some sugar or another sweetener on top of the frozen watermelon chunks, and serve them with whipped cream or yogurt, & then your Shih Tzu can eat watermelon that way.

How Much Can My Shih-Tzu Eat Watermelon?

How much can my Shih-Tzu eat watermelon? You should remember to keep the serving sizes small which may affect Shih Tzu’s weight when making extra treats for your Shih Tzu.

The amount of watermelon that a small dog should eat each day is about 1/8 cup of cut fruit. You are getting the answer: How much can my Shih Tzu eat watermelon? Too much watermelon can make your stomach hurt, so it’s best to stick to this serving size and only have it as a treat once in a while.

How to Feed Watermelon to Your Shih Tzu?

Watermelon should only be given to your dog in small amounts, just like any other treat you give them on top of their normal, healthy diet.

Your Shih Tzu Can Eat watermelon in these safe ways

In chunks: Cut a watermelon in half and take out the seeds and rind.
Frozen chunks: Take the fruit out of the fridge and freeze it after taking off the skin and seeds. On a hot summer day, take it out and eat it. Your dog will feel better after eating the treat.
Watermelon “Ice cream”: Watermelon Put frozen chunks of watermelon and plain, unsweetened yogurt in a blender. Put it on top of your dog’s food bowl or make a rubber toy out of it and then serve your Shih Tzu can eat watermelon that way. Most dogs can eat regular yogurt without any problems unless they are lactose intolerant. Most people can handle yogurt better than ice cream, and the bacterial cultures in yogurt are good for your gut health. Make sure to pick plain yogurt that doesn’t have any fruit, sugar, natural or fake sweeteners, flavors, or sweeteners added to it. Carefully read the label to make sure the item does not contain xylitol, which is harmful. If your dog doesn’t like yogurt, you might want to try lactose-free yogurt made from dairy or dairy-free yogurt made from plant foods. Always read the label to stay away from ingredients or additions that could be harmful.

Facts About Watermelon

  • The average watermelon weighs between 15 and 20 pounds, and it may produce 90 wedges of six ounces each and 11 cups of cubes.
  • Have you ever noticed that the flesh of certain watermelons has developed fractures on the inside? Temperature variations that occur during the growing season are the root cause of a condition that is referred to as a hollow heart. Eating melons with a hollow heart is not dangerous. Certain areas of them are indeed sweeter than others because sugars tend to cluster along the gaps.
  • Growing watermelons takes three months, beginning with planting and ending with harvesting.
  • The development of seedless melons occurred fifty years ago. There is no evidence of ripe, black seeds in them. It is possible to observe white seed coats in areas where the seed has not yet matured.
  • In the scientific community, watermelon is referred to as Citrullus lanatus.
  • The Cucurbitaceae family of plants includes watermelons. There is a connection between them and squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers.

Can Dogs Drink Watermelon Juice?

Can dogs drink watermelon juice? Dogs are well-known for their affection for food, and watermelon is not an exception to this rule. Is watermelon juice safe for dogs? During the hot summer days, this delicious fruit, which has a high water content, might help keep dogs hydrated. Shih Tzu can eat watermelon whether or now Most people ask, Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon? Their answer is above.

On the other hand, a lot of people who own pets are curious about whether or not it is safe to feed their furry pals some watermelon juice. Even though dogs can consume tiny portions of fresh watermelon as a treat, your question is solved: can dogs drink juice? The question that remains is whether or not they can consume the juice of the watermelon.

In this post, we will investigate whether or not it is safe for dogs to ingest watermelon juice, as well as the potential benefits and risks associated with doing so. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this reviving beverage and the impact it has on our canine companions, shall we?

Watermelon Juice Risks for Dogs

For some reason, dogs are more likely than people to become dehydrated. Did you understand? Eighty percent of their body is water, so they need to drink a lot of fluids to stay hydrated.

Even though they need to drink enough water, giving your four-legged friend the wrong kind of liquid could be harmful to them. If you give a small amount, then Shih Tzu can eat watermelon & digest it easily. On a hot summer day, watermelon juice might look like a tasty treat for your dog. But if they drink too much of it, it could make their stomach hurt.

Because watermelon is high in sugar, it may make some dogs sick to their stomachs and give them diarrhea. A lot of sugar in your diet can also make you fat and cause other health problems in the future. Should you decide to give your dog watermelon juice, you should know that you should only give them small amounts.

A small amount as a treat once in a while might not harm your pet, but anything more than that could be harmful. It is important to make sure you are giving your dog the right amount of food based on his frame and weight. When it comes to dogs drinking watermelon juice, we will talk about the right serving sizes in the next part.


If your Shih Tzu gets excited when it sees watermelon, is it safe for both of you to share this summer treat? If you take a few careful steps, the answer is yes!

You already knew that it’s healthy and full of vitamins, but did you know that

Watermelon’s vitamins promote healthy skin and hair, so perhaps your dog’s fur will be even fluffier.

It looks like paw-sicles. For those post-walk zoomies, frozen chunks are a cool and refreshing treat.

The treat isn’t bad for you. It’s a better choice than store-bought treats because it’s low in fat and calories.

Not too much, though. Moderation is key! Having too much watermelon can make your stomach hurt. Staying healthy and happy with your Shih Tzu watermelon is easy:

Throw away the seeds and rind; they can choke you or stop your arteries.

Start small. To keep kids from getting sick, give them watermelon slowly at first.

Enjoying the snow: Chill the chunks for a cool and tasty treat. Enjoyable things you can make yourself: Combine with yogurt to make a “paw”sicle, or freeze in fun forms.

Talk to your vet all the time. Talk to your vet about how much is right for your dog because they are all different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will watermelon hurt dogs?

Good news: Shih Tzu can eat watermelon. This comes with precautions, according to the American Kennel Club. Your pet needs a seedless watermelon, or you can remove the seeds. Watermelon seeds can cause intestinal blockages, so choose seedless.

Can watermelon make a dog sick?

The rind, the rough green outer layer of a watermelon, can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. In moderate quantities, watermelon is a healthy snack, but too much can upset your dog’s stomach.

Why do dogs love watermelon?

Watermelon boosts dogs’ vitamin and mineral intake while providing texture and hydration. That they can digest and profit from the red and light green fruit inside the watermelon rind is most significant.

Is watermelon hard to digest for dogs?

Watermelon is healthy for dogs, but there are certain safety considerations to follow. However, Butzer advises removing the seeds and rind before feeding your dog watermelon to avoid gastric issues. Watermelon without seeds works too.

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